HYLO Intense - Lubricating Drops

HYLO Intense - Lubricating Drops
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Brand: Candorvision
HYLO DUAL INTENSE by CandorVision offers intensive relief from chronic dry eye and persistent inflammatory symptoms.
These lubricating eye drops provide immediate comfort while intensively moisturizing and protecting your eyes from dryness and irritation.
HYLO DUAL INTENSE was developed for patients with more severe, chronic and persistent dry eye symptoms and for those who suffer from prolonged discomfort due to inflammatory symptoms such as itching and burning.


  • Preservative-free
  • Contains 2mg/ml Sodium Hyaluronate and 20mg/ml Ectoine for immediate and intensive lubrication of chronically dry eye
  • Relieves inflammatory symptoms such as burning and itching
  • Long-lasting dry eye relief, resulting in fewer daily applications needed
  • Phosphate free, avoiding complications like deposits in the cornea

How does HYLO DUAL INTENSE work?
A high concentration of high molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate makes these eye drops exceptionally viscous and provides the surface of the eye with intensive, soothing and long-lasting moisturization.
Ectoine stabilizes the tear film and protects tears from excessive evaporation for extended dry eye relief.
The combination of Sodium Hyaluronate and Ectoine provides intensive long-lasting lubrication of the ocular surface and protects against evaporation of tears. Together, they provide relief from environmentally-triggered irritations and inflammatory symptoms, such as itching and burning.

Is HYLO DUAL INTENSE suitable for contact lens wearers?

No. Due to its high viscosity, HYLO DUAL INTENSE should not be used while wearing contact lenses.

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